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January 27, 2019 Issue

Issue Highlights

Skidaway Farms by Linda Dillard

The Landings community offers many amazing amenities…one is the Skidaway Farms. whether you have a green thumb or not Linda gives us details on becoming a part of the Farm.

Finding Happiness  by with Robert Pawlicki, Ph.D.

Dr. Pawlicki writes it is often said that, on our deathbed, we humans don’t wish more time had been spent working. What do we wish for? In our final hours what we hold most dear are our relationships. But why wait until our deathbed to fullfill this most important wish?

Community News

  • Letter to the Editor
  • Landlovers…Who We Are & What We Do
  • Rotary Partners with Hesse School
  • Nor’Easter Club Valentine’s Party
  • LMGA News
  • Bocce Comes to The Marshes
  • New Neighbors News
  • L9GA News.
  • Skidaway Abigails
  • Landlovers News
  • Congratulations Gail Quinn
  • LWGA News
  • Lanelovers News
  • Over the Bridge
  • Keeping Score
  • Television Listings
  • Spanning the Globe