Issue Preview

March 3, 2018

Issue Highlights

Know Your Neighbor by Annie Hilliard Parker

In this issue we are featuring a new addition to TWATL, writer Annie Hilliard Parker. She starts off featuring our neighbor Lois Lavrisa. What does Lois do…in her words, “I kill people.”

Reuben Sandwich by Martha Giddens Nesbit

Everyone enjoys a good sandwich now and then. What makes a good sandwich? Great bread and great filling! Martha helps us to make an amazing Reuben Sandwich. If you are not hungry now…you will be after reading her article on page 12.

Community News

  • Finding Happiness
  • Letter to the Editor
  • L9GA News
  • Continuing the Legacy 2018
  • Nor’Easters’ Lobster Dinner
  • Youth Spotlight Golfer
  • LMGA News
  • Come Walk to Help End Hunger!
  • LMGA is 5 Years Old!
  • Landlovers News
  • Choice Award Winne
  • Lanelovers News
  • Over the Bridge
  • Keeping Score
  • Spanning the Globe